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Back in the old days I was pretty much obsessed with Counter Strike, me and my whole generation, I think all the guys I know played and were obsessed with this game. I started playing on Counter Strike 1.2 or something like that, but the real boom was Counter Strike 1.5 and all the internet servers that appeared with it.

For me Counter Strike was and still is the ultimate shooter. Really it doesn’t get any better then this, I remember the hours that I spend playing it with my friends, in LAN not on the internet. It moves great, its not that complex so its easy to learn but it take a lot of skill to get REAL good at it, can take years to be a total master and pwne the shit out of everyone, that’s the real beauty of the game, learning all the small technics and stuff that makes all the difference.

So, we first started to play on the local network, after that we start playing on private servers with players all over the world, lots of fun, we had are own “clans” and lots of drama.

I stopped playing Counter Strike like 2 years ago, but today I was surprised that its still out there, people are still playing it, especially Counter Strike 1.6, many servers are still up and there are many fanatics alive.  It was a nice surprise, I’ll probably start playing again for old times sake . Don’t bother telling me about games like Modern Warfare 2, I know they are cool, probably better, but for me  Counter Strike will always be the ultimate multiplayer shooter.

So if you played it and liked it “good game”, if not, give Counter Strike a try, you may like it.


Hello people, today I’m gonna tell you about nice puzzle game I found. I don’t really like the old classic puzzles, the thing with the pieces finding the right spot and everything, bored the hell out of me as long as I can remember. Still I love solving puzzles, finding the right way to make things work, the solution that’s what I really like. So I was searching the web for that kind of game. Found one that simple and fun, you don’t really have to thing hard for a solution just a basic understanding of physics will get your throw the next level.

It’s pretty easy to play too, you have to blow up some green blocks but not the red ones, all this with a ball, you can set the size and speed of the ball. Of course it’s all about points, I finished pretty fast with 900+ points, if your think your better then me on the first try give it a go.

Ok, so after I played it a couple of times I discover that there is a Blosics 2, which is a HUGE improvement, it’s more complex, the graphics are better and it’s easy to control.

So, if your looking for a nice simple puzzle game to kill time, Try Blosics 2 here

I know many of you are searching the web for the best MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) of them all. I’m not referring to the browser based one, I’m talking about the real stuff, likw WOW ( Word of Warcraft ).

MMORPG’s are great, it gives you the opportunity to build and develop your own character and also interact with other people all over the world and also with your friends, the graphics and story line of the game also makes all the different between and good MMORPG and a bad one.

I know the best known game of this sort is Word of Warcraft, haves a huge number of players and fans, it’s very addictive but I didn’t get hooked by it, I found it boring and with really poor graphics. For all of you WoW fans out there don’t get upset, it’s just my personal opinion and nothing more, I’m talking about what I like. I also played Eve Online and Guild Wars, none of them got to me like the best MMORPG in my opinion, it’s called Lineage 2.

Lineage 2 haves it all, the graphics, the story, the character in-game evolution, the interaction with other players and a great atmosphere within the game.

I started 2-3 years ago and I got addicted by it in a few hours. So I started in Interlude chronicle, later moved on Hellbound and now I’m waiting for the start of a new and fresh server that will be on Gracia Epilogue. I didn’t played on the officials servers, I prefer a private one that its bigger than retail, with a great and old community and a lot of fresh players.

In game you have the possibility to choose between 6 races: Humans, Dark Elfs, Light Elfs, Dwarfs, Orcs and The Kamael Race. Each race haves there own classes and style, each class haves an in-game roll, basically each class haves something that is more good at then the others. Whatever race and then, class you choose make sure it’s the best one for your style of playing and even personality. I started as a human fighter, later evolved to Human Knight and after that I evolved into a Paladin. So the Paladin class is a tank, meaning that hes main purpose is to take all the damage from the enemy’s, this way protecting the party. Also the Paladin is a part time healer so when one of my party’s members was close to dieing I’d heal him a little just to keep him alive. This class was really working for me, I enjoyed playing the damage taker role and the protector of the party, It’s not a class for those that want to play alone, so I don’t recommend it, if you really wanna play alone I’ll say go with Gladiator or Destroyer but it’s really stupid to play alone a game that is design to be played in teams!

There is a lot to say about Lineage 2 and maybe I’ll talk about it more in the future, but if your looking for the best MMORPG from my point of view, give Lineage 2 a try!

Was one of the most popular games on Facebook last year and still is today. It’s one of the most popular game developed Zynga which have a lot of games on Facebook, Myspace and also Yahoo and have recently imported to the iPhone.

Basically the game is a MMO (massively multiplayer online game) you can make your own character, basically your a mobster, you can buy weapons, do jobs and fight people.

You’ll need to do all sorts of jobs for money and earn experiences, at first you will have a few jobs to chose from, as you get a higher level you can unlock more jobs and you will have more cash to buy other weapons and even vehicles.

You can also fight other people too, it shows you a list of random people that you can fight with, you get 2 experience points if you win and 1 if you lose and you get money too if you win. You can also buy properties that will start making money for you and in time you can make you own mob, have a couple of friends join you and so on. The game haves a pretty wide variety of options and it’s pretty complex but easy to play for a MMO, its a lot of fun, the interaction with others and friends is great and that’s always a plus in this sort of games.

So if you are looking for a simple online game where you can interact with other people or your friends, give Mafia Wars a try. I personal did not dig all the mobster online thing thou, I’m a big fan of Godfather, Goodfellas and other good mobster based movies, but I feel that games like this are a joke and spoils the hole concept of the mafia, whatever it’s just a game.

I’ll give it an 8 out of 10 points.

Hello guys, so let’s talk about one of the best MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) I ever played. It’s called Travian. Started discovering this game about 3 years ago. Like any mmog it tends to get very addictive, at the begging you may think is  quite simple and easy because is browser based game, it starts with a small tutorial teaching how to play.

You have 3 tribes to chose from the Romans, the Gauls and the Teutons. If you play it for the first time I recommend the Romans, they have strong defense and offense and they are the best race at the end game. Gauls are more defensive and Teutons are for the offensive types of players. The best thing about Travian I think is the long term in-game evolution, you develop very hard and you have to work for it, attacking other players and stealing there resources and protecting your own, as you become more stronger you will need some allies so you better join a good clan from your neighborhood, if not they will unite against you and it will be game over. As I said it gets very addictive, after a couple of months of playing I was spending in average about 12-14 hours per day playing, got to a point that I was dreaming about it too, so if you get addicted and very competitive I don’t recommend it. If you wanna be a top player you HAVE to be a no-lifer, it gets you spending real money, to buy in-game benefits so be careful. I never did pay for benefits but I was really tempted to do it. It all ended after I lost some villages to the enemies, a great war broke out between top Clans and I suffered huge losses, months of hard work, gone…

So I snapped, commanded all my tropes to attack the nearest enemy and after that deleted my account. Since then I played on some other travian servers but never the way I did the first time, just for chilling, no more addicted behavior for me…

Ok, So if you are looking for a great online experience and a fun browser-game with lot’s of players all over the world, try it!

Here is a tutorial for new players:

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