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It’s safe to say there are a great deal of twin-stick shooters on PSN, and it’s safe to say there’s also a gem involving brightly colored vector graphics on a simplified background, if you understand the geometry of what we’re saying. But that’s about where comparisons to Bizarre’s most addictive of downloadable shooters ends, as Gravity Crash has proven to us through an extended playtest, harking instead to classis Eighties titles like Asteroids, Exile and Defender.

With half an hour of starting we were managing to make our way through levels with a modicum of confidence and avoided crashing for a while. As long as the difficulty curve keeps on a curve and doesn’t hit a wall, it should be successful. We also had a brief play about with the editor, which enables you to create entire levels for use in the game – they can also be uploaded to share with the world. It’s a wonderful touch and one we hope to muck about with more in future. We’ll need to play through the game more thoroughly to judge with the token, but right now it’s looking like a nice addition to PSN. It’s different enough from everything else to be interesting, and it’s handled well enough to be fun – that’s all we can ask for. Except for a low cost

Gravity Crash sees players taking control of ship – either ‘classic’ control or in the now-more-familiar twin-stick style and carry out objectives in a variety of cavernous levels. Collecting gems, rescuing stranded allies and destroying targets and the usual objectives for a level, and players have to navigate each level while managing the effects of inertia, speed, thrust and gravity. We found this system hauntingly familiar, but at the same time confusing and annoying – until we adjusted, of course. It doesn’t take long to get used to the control system and it seems perfectly weighted in the build we played – when you crash, which you will, it never feels unfair.


I know many of you are searching the web for the best MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) of them all. I’m not referring to the browser based one, I’m talking about the real stuff, likw WOW ( Word of Warcraft ).

MMORPG’s are great, it gives you the opportunity to build and develop your own character and also interact with other people all over the world and also with your friends, the graphics and story line of the game also makes all the different between and good MMORPG and a bad one.

I know the best known game of this sort is Word of Warcraft, haves a huge number of players and fans, it’s very addictive but I didn’t get hooked by it, I found it boring and with really poor graphics. For all of you WoW fans out there don’t get upset, it’s just my personal opinion and nothing more, I’m talking about what I like. I also played Eve Online and Guild Wars, none of them got to me like the best MMORPG in my opinion, it’s called Lineage 2.

Lineage 2 haves it all, the graphics, the story, the character in-game evolution, the interaction with other players and a great atmosphere within the game.

I started 2-3 years ago and I got addicted by it in a few hours. So I started in Interlude chronicle, later moved on Hellbound and now I’m waiting for the start of a new and fresh server that will be on Gracia Epilogue. I didn’t played on the officials servers, I prefer a private one that its bigger than retail, with a great and old community and a lot of fresh players.

In game you have the possibility to choose between 6 races: Humans, Dark Elfs, Light Elfs, Dwarfs, Orcs and The Kamael Race. Each race haves there own classes and style, each class haves an in-game roll, basically each class haves something that is more good at then the others. Whatever race and then, class you choose make sure it’s the best one for your style of playing and even personality. I started as a human fighter, later evolved to Human Knight and after that I evolved into a Paladin. So the Paladin class is a tank, meaning that hes main purpose is to take all the damage from the enemy’s, this way protecting the party. Also the Paladin is a part time healer so when one of my party’s members was close to dieing I’d heal him a little just to keep him alive. This class was really working for me, I enjoyed playing the damage taker role and the protector of the party, It’s not a class for those that want to play alone, so I don’t recommend it, if you really wanna play alone I’ll say go with Gladiator or Destroyer but it’s really stupid to play alone a game that is design to be played in teams!

There is a lot to say about Lineage 2 and maybe I’ll talk about it more in the future, but if your looking for the best MMORPG from my point of view, give Lineage 2 a try!