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Back in the old days I was pretty much obsessed with Counter Strike, me and my whole generation, I think all the guys I know played and were obsessed with this game. I started playing on Counter Strike 1.2 or something like that, but the real boom was Counter Strike 1.5 and all the internet servers that appeared with it.

For me Counter Strike was and still is the ultimate shooter. Really it doesn’t get any better then this, I remember the hours that I spend playing it with my friends, in LAN not on the internet. It moves great, its not that complex so its easy to learn but it take a lot of skill to get REAL good at it, can take years to be a total master and pwne the shit out of everyone, that’s the real beauty of the game, learning all the small technics and stuff that makes all the difference.

So, we first started to play on the local network, after that we start playing on private servers with players all over the world, lots of fun, we had are own “clans” and lots of drama.

I stopped playing Counter Strike like 2 years ago, but today I was surprised that its still out there, people are still playing it, especially Counter Strike 1.6, many servers are still up and there are many fanatics alive.  It was a nice surprise, I’ll probably start playing again for old times sake . Don’t bother telling me about games like Modern Warfare 2, I know they are cool, probably better, but for me  Counter Strike will always be the ultimate multiplayer shooter.

So if you played it and liked it “good game”, if not, give Counter Strike a try, you may like it.