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Sod history: in Saboteur the Irish ended World War 2. Or rather, a single Irish chap working for the French Resistance, screwing up the Nazi’s efforts in Paris with a bag of weapons, a cheeky grin, and the worst Irish accent known to man.

Sean Devlin, the Saboteur, seems to defy classifications as a hero. From his nimble acrobatics – he can climb much of the environment, and leap over beams with ease – you may think he’s a free running action hero in the vein of Assassin’s Creed’s Alter. From his stealthiness you might surmise he prefers lurking in the shadow to kicking Nazis in the balls (wrong again), and from the game’s huge, open world you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a straight GTA clone. Saboteur offers an unusual, and effective, blend of genres.

Regardless of the pigeonhole, being Sean Devlin is plenty of fun. In our latest hands on session, we had to escape captivity of stealth killing Nazis, clambering up Old Persian buildings and shooting through swathes of goons. But it could have been different. Tire of stealth and you can quite happily get through most sections in open combat, thanks to a simple cover system and the ability to soak up a few hits.


Condemned: Criminal Origins was a curiously unique piece of work. Simultaneously commercial and entirely niche, it blended abject horror, gritty combat and oppressive atmosphere with forensic science, Greg Grunberg and an unnecessary leap into the supernatural. At its peak, Criminal Origins felt like an interactive Se7en, following the journey of a fragile cop into the twisted mind and sickening accomplishments of a serial killer. However, the studio’s confidence in this excellent premise faded, leaving the draft plunge into surrealism at the game’s climax spoiling an otherwise impressively cogent adventure.

With Bloodshot, it appears Monolith may have abandoned the maturity of the original. Protagonist Ethan Thomas, once styled on portly Heroes Star Gurnberg, has now been remodeled as what can only be described as ‘emo vagrant’, mixing a trendy haircut with blood –eyes and tattered clothes. He’s lost a few pounds too. Thankfully, Thomas pugnacious attitude hasn’t deserted him, ad you’ll be happily clouting destitute weridos with all manner of leap pipes, axes and misshapen pieces of firewood. But where Criminal Origins used its combat as a means of telling its story, Bloodshot is pushing it to the fore. The intense atmosphere will remain and the aggressive and cruelty of the experience will be ever present. Whereas Criminal Origins simply presented its violence, Bloodshot revels in it.

Keen not to lose all senses of purpose, Monolith has completely revamped the forensic investigation. In Criminal Origins, it acted as little more than a semi-scripted segue between all the brutality, but Bloodshot has made everything that more organic. You’ll have to use the correct tools, locate suitable evidence and examine every minute detail in order to solve the crime scene’s morbid mystery. Let’s hope that Monolith finds a suitable balance between combat, horror and investigation so that Condemned 2: Bloodshot can truly progress from its predecessor.