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Hello guys, so let’s talk about one of the best MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) I ever played. It’s called Travian. Started discovering this game about 3 years ago. Like any mmog it tends to get very addictive, at the begging you may think isĀ  quite simple and easy because is browser based game, it starts with a small tutorial teaching how to play.

You have 3 tribes to chose from the Romans, the Gauls and the Teutons. If you play it for the first time I recommend the Romans, they have strong defense and offense and they are the best race at the end game. Gauls are more defensive and Teutons are for the offensive types of players. The best thing about Travian I think is the long term in-game evolution, you develop very hard and you have to work for it, attacking other players and stealing there resources and protecting your own, as you become more stronger you will need some allies so you better join a good clan from your neighborhood, if not they will unite against you and it will be game over. As I said it gets very addictive, after a couple of months of playing I was spending in average about 12-14 hours per day playing, got to a point that I was dreaming about it too, so if you get addicted and very competitive I don’t recommend it. If you wanna be a top player you HAVE to be a no-lifer, it gets you spending real money, to buy in-game benefits so be careful. I never did pay for benefits but I was really tempted to do it. It all ended after I lost some villages to the enemies, a great war broke out between top Clans and I suffered huge losses, months of hard work, gone…

So I snapped, commanded all my tropes to attack the nearest enemy and after that deleted my account. Since then I played on some other travian servers but never the way I did the first time, just for chilling, no more addicted behavior for me…

Ok, So if you are looking for a great online experience and a fun browser-game with lot’s of players all over the world, try it!

Here is a tutorial for new players: